One Paseo: Was fair traffic on Del Mar Heights Road a glimpse of the future?

Anyone trying to drive from Carmel Valley to the freeway on Del Mar Heights Road during the days of fair parking and shuttles from Torrey Pines High School got a sobering look at what traffic will be like should One Paseo become a reality.

On one night it took me over an hour to get from the high school to the freeway in bumper to bumper gridlock. Over an hour! One Paseo runs half-page weekly ads in this newspaper talking about our “shared vision” for Carmel Valley, and its developers are doing everything they can to convince this community it belongs here. Clearly they have a great deal of money to spend on this endeavor and they plan to make much, much more. But based on the traffic projections and what many of us witnessed over the last few weeks, what we have to look forward to is LA-style gridlock and major headaches in a community that was never intended to house an oversized complex the size of One Paseo.

Indeed, let’s “keep talking” (the One Paseo motto). Let us, the soon-to-be-impacted residents of Carmel Valley, keep talking until we can get this plan struck down in its entirety.

Kim Perl

Carmel Valley