One Paseo will affect emergency response times

I’m writing in opposition to the current One Paseo proposal and the impacts it will have on our community. Carmel Valley has a large population of retirees and elderly people, like me. I am extremely concerned that One Paseo will increase the response times of emergency service vehicles due to the inevitable gridlock the project will create on our local streets.

My wife and I live comfortably on our own in Carmel Valley. We are, fortunately, in good health. Many retirees and elderly are not in good health. The elderly have the comfort of knowing they live in a community with good emergency response times. Even with today’s traffic, I have on several occasions seen emergency vehicles struggle to get down Del Mar Heights Road. Kilroy Realty has proposed a project that will dramatically increase traffic and will clearly delay the emergency response times. Increased traffic threatens the independence and potentially the safety of Carmel Valley seniors. The information regarding the traffic solution Kilroy has distributed is misleading and disingenuous, because the solutions are decades away. Any project that causes immediate public safety impacts demands simultaneous mitigation!

All seniors who care about their independence and emergency response times should be concerned about the potential impacts of the One Paseo development. We must fight for a development that does not seriously impact traffic, does not threaten our safety and allows us to continue to enjoy our independent lifestyle.


Bill Chatwell