One Paseo will bring economic benefits

By Janette Littler

Just a Carmel Valley resident

I am surprised by Gabriele Prater’s Feb. 16 letter to the editor. It is a nasty, straw man attack that masquerades as a difference of opinion over land use issues related to my support of One Paseo. Ms. Prater, a person whom I never have met, accuses me of financial self-interest. Let me be clear. I am not now, nor have I ever, worked for or on behalf of Kilroy Realty — not for any project including One Paseo.

I truly am “just a Carmel Valley resident,” having bought a condo in 2005 that is within walking distance of One Paseo, the proposed multi-use, main street project at issue. That makes me uniquely qualified to voice an opinion.

Ms. Prater’s implication that I am self-interested is valid in one respect: I will be one of those most affected by One Paseo because of my home’s proximity. That is exactly why I support One Paseo. It will be an invaluable asset for our community.

Kilroy openly has presented their plan to the community and invited public input. It’s an excellent plan, created after hundreds of meetings with local residents. Now, as the independent environmental review is being completed, the Kilroy team continues to ask for ideas and feedback and to listen and take our advice to heart.

If Ms. Prater has a substantive disagreement with any part of One Paseo and wants to make a positive contribution that moves beyond a “not in my backyard” mentality, there is ample opportunity to do so yet.

I accept fact-based challenges to my support of One Paseo. This failed attempt to assail me personally only demonstrates that opponents have no legitimate argument.

One Paseo stands on its own as an award-winning, environmentally sensitive design and as a concept of creating someplace special for local residents. It will bring huge economic benefits to Carmel Valley, including thousands of permanent jobs and millions in tax revenue

Let’s have an honest, transparent discussion with all stakeholders clearly identified and on the record. I encourage Ms. Prater and all others to step forward with their interests openly delineated as I have. Let’s discuss the many merits of One Paseo and how we can make our community an even better place to live and work.