One Paseo will give a central heart to Carmel Valley


This letter was sent to the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board and to this newspaper for publication:

Dear Chairman White and Members of the Carmel Valley Planning Board,

I’m a business owner in Carmel Valley and I love this community! My business is expanding and I looked at other areas when considering relocating but now that I am in Carmel Valley, I never want to leave it. However, there are some real challenges here. I find it very difficult to stop in to the shopping centers and restaurants in both Del Mar Highlands and Piazza Carmel. Parking is not only difficult but drivers are very aggressive. All parking lots are dangerous but these two seem to be unusually difficult. I find it too stressful to go to these centers so I avoid those areas and simply walk next door to the Marriott for client meetings or drive to Del Mar.

As a project in whole, these work/live/play communities are very appealing to Millennials. Our future as a city is dependent on what attracts and retains the best and brightest. One Paseo is amenity, community and feature rich and appeals to young singles and families alike. They don’t like to drive.

A mixed-use project naturally encourages us to be less dependent on our cars by having most of what we need in one convenient location. This means fewer trips from place to place and, therefore, fewer cars on the road. All of the amenities including over 10 acres of usable space for farmers’ markets and community functions promotes a friendly environment for all residents and enhances the character of the community.

As a county, San Diego needs this type of community in every area, not just downtown, if we want to attract the best talent.

I would like to express my support for the One Paseo project. I have watched the progress of One Paseo and have been impressed at the evolution of this project! I suspect the feedback from your board and the rest of the community has played a significant role in making this project become the project it has evolved to.

Carmel Valley is a family-oriented area and it truly lacks a central place where we can meet friends in an open and outdoor environment, much like the cafes of Europe. It will give character, a personality, a central heart to this lovely community.

Thank you for your time, dedication and consideration.

DeLinda Forsythe

Carmel Valley Business Owner