One Paseo Working Group to host community workshop in mid-July


The One Paseo Working Group has come together at the drawing board with Kilroy Realty to shape a scaled-down mixed-use project for Carmel Valley. The goal of the working group is to develop a project that will offer the same amenities as the proposed development had while greatly reducing the traffic and visual impacts that caused concern within the community.

“We look forward to engaging in a transparent process that will address community feedback and concerns, ultimately resulting in a quality project,” said Kilroy Vice President Jamas Gwilliam.

The working group is composed of representatives from Alliance for Responsible Development Corporation, the East Bluff Community Association, Mitigate One Paseo, What Price Main Street and Donahue Schriber, as well as Frisco White, Ken Farinsky and Jonathan Tedesco from the Carmel Valley planning board.

The first meeting was held June 19, and a second was scheduled for June 29.

“The working group is not a decision-making group, it is an advisory group to bring out solutions to present to the community,” said Jeannie Kim, public relations coordinator with Kilroy at the June 26 Carmel Valley Community Planning Board meeting.

Kim said it is the hope that a community workshop presenting the working group’s solutions will be held in mid-July, potentially at the Marriott Del Mar. Once scheduled, the meeting date will be widely publicized.

Chair White encouraged everyone who is interested to participate in the July and future workshop events so that developing the new One Paseo can be a true community effort.

“Productive and inclusive community participation in the process is critical to ensuring that One Paseo will be a project we can all be proud of,” Farinsky said.

Under the new parameters agreed to in a May settlement with three community groups, Kilroy will reduce the project’s 28,000 average daily trips by nearly half, have 30-foot setbacks from El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Roads, eliminate one planned traffic signal on Del Mar Heights Road, cap office building heights at seven stories and significantly reduce the bulk and scale of the project.