One Paseo would be a great community asset

By Said and Mouzhgan Aboonour

A “Main Street” would be an ideal addition to our community. Although the plans for Carmel Valley suggest the inclusion of a community-friendly gathering place like this, such a site has never actually been built. For that reason, many residents here — including us — are looking forward to the proposed “Main Street” site.

The plans for Kilroy’s project look attractive, and they have clearly been well designed. I particularly appreciate that the proposed One Paseo project would be so pedestrian and biker-friendly, with walkable streets and good circulation. Because the project encourages less driving, visitors and residents would be able to freely and leisurely walk or bike around.

The mixture of amenities available at One Paseo would foster much more interaction within the community — as well as a lot more local business. The prospect of a new project that brings Carmel Valley residents closer together, while providing new shops and restaurants and entertainment options, is definitely exciting.

I have brothers and sisters in Carmel Valley, and they share my support for what we all feel is a very important and timely endeavor for the area. Kilroy’s “Main Street” would be a great asset to families throughout the community.