One Paseo’s traffic projections by the numbers

City traffic engineers project a “minimal impact” of One Paseo on traffic (Carmel Valley News/Del Mar Times/Solana Beach Sun April 4, 2013). Let’s start by giving them the benefit of the doubt that all their projected numbers are correct. They claim an increase of travel time of 1.5 minutes on top of the current 5.8 minutes eastbound, and an increase of 1.2 minutes on top of the current 6.3 minutes westbound. This is an average 22 percent increase, and will clearly be much higher during peak travel times. I do not see this as a “minimal impact” for a daily delay in our own backyard. Using their numbers again of number of car trips on the road, which they project to increase by 24,000 over the current 40,000. These numbers work out to an additional 1,440 hours daily, or over half a million hours a year of Carmel Valley residents sitting in their cars. Is a Trader Joe’s worth this?

Nathan Delson

Carmel Valley Resident