Open letter to Bilbray: Debate John Stahl


Congressman Bilbray, I have lived in your district for more than 11 years. I have voted for you in each election. Now you have a serous and qualified conservative opponent, John Stahl. You have an obligation to me, all those who have voted for you in the past, conservatives in general, Republicans, independents and anyone who we may classify as an old Reagan Democrat to debate John Stahl. He is a very serious candidate with impeccable conservative credentials. As a Naval aviator and with a long history in the private sector, he brings a great deal to the table that you do not.

Show courage and self-confidence by demonstrating a sense of fair play and face this highly qualified opponent at a venue that allows the public to evaluate both of you.

There are numerous venues that would host this debate. The primary is just around the corner. Time is short. The only way you will have a chance to get my vote is if you man up and debate Mr. Stahl. I know it is a risk you can avoid.

I am sure Mr. Stahl would make himself available to fit your schedule. Show the voters that you are not afraid to debate another conservative.

Pit your record against his non-governmental experience in a forum open to the public.

Mike Hayutin