Opening Day fashion tips that’ll get you noticed


The race is on to find the perfect outfit for Opening Day. The races, after all, are as much about fashion as they are about horses. Kristina Bodal, style expert and owner JEP Boutique in La Jolla, shares style tips that will have you looking top-notch at the track.

Fire up the flair: “The track is a ‘see and be seen’ kind of place so anything that will get you noticed is spot on,” Bodal said. Think: funky jewelry, retro ties, big sunglasses, sassy clutches and, of course, distinctive hats (read on).

Distinctively top yourself: Tradition holds big hats in high regard. But as the old adage goes: bigger isn’t always better. If you want to stand out, try a fedora, parlor or cloche hat, which all keep their threads closer to the head. If hats aren’t your thing, wear a headband.

Step into style: While flip-flops, sandals and sneakers may be a Southern California staple, ditch them on the dirt. Guys, tog your feet with leather square-toed shoes. They’ll pair perfectly with your suit. Ladies, heels are sexy but remember that comfort is key for a long day on your feet. Dressy flats will keep your feet happy. Strappy gladiator sandals, which combine ancient style with modern flair, are a great option.

Dress colorfully: Skip the head-to-toe monochromatic ensemble and add a splash of color to your race day outfit.

Don’t dress for the beach: The Del Mar Fairgrounds are where the surf meets the turf, with the emphasis being on the turf. “Don’t wear your beach cover-up,” Bodal said. “The track is a classy place and there will be families with kids there. Go for an outfit that says, ‘understated sexy.’” Long dresses are in right now. While many mistake them as being for nighttime only, they can have just the right amount of dressiness and sophistication for daytime.