Opinion: Destruction of Democrat signs must stop


sign-vandalism-002By Marilee McLean

Resident, Solana Beach

Vandalism of political signs is not new to the Santa Fe Hills area of Solana Beach. During the 2008 election approximately 10 Obama signs on 10 different properties were destroyed on and near Santa Helena (the night before the school Halloween carnival). A police report was made by several residents who were vandalized.

After that incident and others of similar nature I made a non-partisan report before the City Council alerting them to the vandalism—which has been happening over the past eight years—and appealing to the general public to be aware of late-night vandals in the area. It was my intent at that time to avoid blaming either political party.

My non-partisan spirit is eroding further and further with each Democratic sign that is destroyed! In the eight years I have been aware of such vandalism I have NEVER seen a Republican sign destroyed in this way. I’m aware that damage such as this does afflict both parties in other neighborhoods, but in our neighborhood it is only DEMOCRAT signs and citizens who suffer the damage.

[Recently] on the corner of Santa Florencia and Santa Rosita, a Jerry Brown sign and a Francine Busby sign were torn down. The night before a Jerry Brown sign was destroyed on the corner of Santa Helena and Santa Rosita. It is early in the election season for such mischief and I fear that more damage will occur in the coming nights. Granted, it is probably the scheme and crime of one or two individuals, but the fact remains that this vandalism should not be tolerated!

Comments can be made about our rights of Free Speech, but this is truly a matter of property damage and vandalism. We Democrats in our neighborhood should not have to deal every election with this affront to our liberties. Our safety and security in our own neighborhoods has been compromised election after election! There are Carly, Meg and Bilbray signs on every “Santa” street in our neighborhood and they remain untouched. People of ALL parties deserve the same respect and consideration!