OPINION: Election of Rafner, Wooden, Gibson would correct a past mistake


On Nov. 2, the Del Mar school community has a chance for a “do-over” to correct a four-year-old mistake. Succumbing to the message waged in a $50,000 campaign, voters learned too late that their votes had been squandered on a threesome that brought division, disrespect, incompetence and stagnation to an energetic, well-run district that was highly respected throughout the county and the state.

The election of the team of Rafner, Wooden and Gibson is the school community’s best hope for restoring unity, civility, openness, and a promise of preparedness at every meeting to address important district needs in a timely manner.

How can you be assured that casting your vote for Rafner, Wooden and Gibson is the right one? Ask the people in the know – those who well-understand how school districts should operate and how school boards should function. The list of endorsements for Rafner, Wooden and Gibson tells the story. An unprecedented roster of endorsements, starting with the San Diego County Superintendent of Schools, is a strong recognition that things are amiss and that the eyes of the county are on this race.

Do your part to make it right. Vote for Rafner, Wooden and Gibson on Nov. 2.

Martha Cox

Retired DMUSD Employee