Opinion: Rafner, Wooden, Gibson for Del Mar school board


By Jonathan and Meryl Flam

Parents, Del Mar Union School District

As parents with at least one of our children in a DMUSD school for the past 10 years we have observed how much our district has changed and grown in that time frame. Eight outstanding schools with over 4,000 students supported by committed parents, teachers and students with a remarkable record of achievement. But we have always been disappointed, that in the past 10 years, almost each year there was division amongst parents with avoidable and unnecessary controversy and conflict. This was a true failure of leadership and our community missed opportunities to have our collective efforts be focused on improving academic performance and enhancing the overall educational experience our children receive. DMUSD needs to put that blemish in its past and move forward in a new direction as a united community that will continue to thrive where our children can perform to their potential without obstruction.

DMUSD needs new leadership! We need board members that are sincere, temperate, intelligent and, most importantly, will put the education of all our district’s children as their top priority. Doug Rafner, Scott Wooden and Kristen Gibson are the three most qualified candidates and if elected they will provide this district the right stewardship so that we can continue to excel. These individuals will put the management of our schools back on track so that our district leadership and staff are unencumbered and solely focused on providing the best possible educational experience for our children.