Opinion: Set the example for your kids regarding safe driving


By Matthew Perl, M.D.

I want to second the heartfelt message from Al and Leslie Cavagnero in their recent letter captioned “Keep topic of car safety alive — especially for the teens,” and would like to add two more bullet points.

First, get off the cell phone when driving! You people are everywhere, zipping along the streets and cruising through parking lots, distracted on your phones. You are not so special that the laws don’t apply to you, and you are not such a good driver that it’s okay that you’re doing it. It’s against the law, people, because it’s dangerous.

Second, just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you can drink and drive. At your holiday party this week or next, if you’re drinking, your partner better not be. Even if you’re not legally above-the-limit, you may still be impaired. Set the example for your kids where safe driving is concerned. It’s not what you tell them, as much as what actions you actually model. Here’s to wishing you all a safe holiday season.