Opinion: Support the sale of fairgrounds


By Jacqueline Winterer

Resident, Del Mar

This letter supports the sale of the Del Mar Fairgrounds to the City of Del Mar.

At the present time the fairgrounds is supervised by board members appointed by the California Governor who rewards large contributors with this perk. When we observe this method of governance in foreign countries we call it crony capitalism. The purchase of the property by the City of Del Mar will put public lands in the hands of another public agency operated by elected officials. Representative government is the norm in this country, not government by the friends of the Governor.

All fairgrounds employees will be retained by this transfer of the property. The only ones to lose jobs will be the fairboard members and probably the manager, Mr. Fennell, whose relentless antagonism to Del Mar is the main reason the City wishes to gain control of the property.

Finally, I cannot help being amused by Mr. Nussbaum’s and Mr. Fennell’s cry about not being heard, they who ignore speakers at their board meetings. Both these gentlemen are notorious for holding private conversations during public testimony: a behavior forbidden by the ethics rules for those engaged in public service.