Opinion/Letters to the Editor: A picture is worth a thousand words

Carmel Valley residents have been subjected to a clever PR campaign with lots of pretty pictures of kids enjoying ice cream cones and adults relaxing on grassy slopes, all ostensibly depicting life in the proposed One Paseo project.

The picture most Carmel Valley residents have not seen, but what the developer shows its investors on its own website, is the aerial rendering at right. Specifically, the One Paseo proposed project intends to mass together: a 10-story office building, an 8-story office building, a 10-story and four 5-story buildings housing 608 residential units and a 150 room hotel, parking structures ranging from three to seven levels, plus as much retail as the Del Mar Highlands Town Center (but on only 75 percent of the land area).

Under the Carmel Valley Community Plan, the developer is entitled to a total building area of 500,000 square feet. The entitlement sought by this developer, including parking structures, is a startling 3,652,580 square feet! Even if the parking structures are not counted, the entitlement sought is 1,852,580 square feet, about 4x the allotment under the Community Plan.

This proposed project is the most massive and seeks by far the greatest increase in entitlements of any project ever presented in Carmel Valley. It would result in a multitude of detrimental impacts on our community such as traffic, community character, public facilities and the like. It is inconsistent with all Carmel Valley community plans. But take a look at the developer’s own rendition and judge for yourself.

Gabriele M. Prater,

Carmel Valley resident and

past Vice Chair, Carmel Valley Community Planning Board