Opinion/Letters to the Editor: One Paseo gets MOVE Alliance endorsement

Move San Diego recently announced the formal MOVE Alliance endorsement for the proposed 25 acre One Paseo project located in Carmel Valley. The MOVE Alliance was created by Move San Diego to evaluate and endorse early stage development projects in the San Diego region for their commitment to transit-oriented development and smart growth principles.

According to Move San Diego Executive Director Elyse Lowe, “One Paseo will offer the residents of Carmel Valley a place to live and work in close proximity, providing convenient opportunities to reduce daily vehicle trips. It offers the best possible mix of uses for a site that is currently underutilized and designated by the City of San Diego as a planned Smart Growth Town Center.”

The One Paseo project proposes a sustainable, walkable mix of land uses in a region of San Diego that is currently dominated by single use sites. The design of One Paseo features the following smart growth elements:

• Residential density to support future transit, including planned rapid bus route to serve Carmel Valley during peak times and a high frequency local bus route;

• Mix of uses including residential, retail, hotel and commercial;

• Convenient location within walking distance of parks, schools, and recreational facilities;

• Walkable and bike-friendly community with public gathering places;

• Bicycle amenities including bike storage and lockers;

• Improved pedestrian connections to surrounding uses and employment centers, including support for pedestrian refuges for crossing major intersections;

• A proposed transit stop for planned bus rapid transit route;

• Commitment to a Transportation Demand Management program potentially including rideshare/vanpool programs and shuttle service to reduce single passenger vehicle trips; and

• Shared parking strategy to avoid excessive parking spaces.

“One Paseo is honored to be endorsed by Move San Diego and the MOVE Alliance,” says Robert Little, vice president of development, Kilroy Realty Corporation. “The proposed project recently passed the LEED prerequisite review for smart neighborhood development (LEED-ND) by the US Green Building Council. We are thrilled to add the MOVE Alliance endorsement to our growing list of sustainable accolades and project supporters.”

One Paseo is a proposed development plan by Kilroy Realty Corporation. A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is expected to be released by the City of San Diego soon.

The MOVE Alliance continues to seek applications for proposed development projects, like One Paseo, that are in the entitlement phase. An application fee of $2,500 helps support the administration of the program. A program of Move San Diego, the Alliance partners include Walk San Diego, Council of Urban Design Professionals and the California Center for Sustainable Energy, in addition to local experts on transportation, development and community planning. To learn more and to download application details, visit www.movesandiego.org.

Move San Diego is the public voice in support of effective and sustainable transportation in the San Diego region. The nonprofit organizes and serves a broad collaboration of people and organizations to prioritize, fund, and implement sustainable, healthy, convenient transportation and related land use solutions. Move San Diego raises awareness of the benefits of smart transportation options and how they will result in a more livable and vibrant San Diego.

For more information on MOVE Alliance, please visit https://www.movesandiego.org. For more information on One Paseo, please visit www.onepaseo.com.

— Submitted press release from Kilroy Realty