Opinion/Letters to the Editor: One Paseo would be terrific community asset, give economy a boost

One Paseo, a proposed mixed-use development, would be a wonderful community asset that deserves our attention and support.

A careful mix of dining, shopping, entertainment, offices and residences—created in the densities of a traditional Main Street—will make One Paseo a vibrant gathering place for the community.

I envision farmers’ markets, small parades or festivals, and small community concerts in the central plaza anchoring the site. These community activities would give Carmel Valley the more family-friendly, small-town atmosphere we long for.

One Paseo will provide a sizeable economic boost with several thousand new jobs, tax revenues and over $750 million in local spending. Currently I travel to Encinitas to shop at Trader Joe’s. Wouldn’t it be nice to do our basic shopping in town? Let’s keep our dining and retail dollars in Carmel Valley.

Local schools also would benefit from the project with a projected $34 million in school fees.

I think it’s worth noting that One Paseo is seeking LEED-certification for its sustainable mixed-use design, energy-efficient buildings, emphasis on walkability, and other “green” elements.

These benefits are hard to ignore. Further, One Paseo’s mixed-use neighborhood with a Main Street and central plaza is far more beneficial and would meet more needs in Carmel Valley than the current office space zoning.

I urge my neighbors to join me in supporting One Paseo.

Janette Littler

Carmel Valley