Oppose ‘the fracking of California’

A majority of Californians support a moratorium on the process of oil and gas extraction by fracking, but Governor Brown has now signed SB 4, which paves the way for the full-scale fracking of our coastline, farmlands and even our urban neighborhoods.

This is not a risk Californians want to take. Here in San Diego we are well aware of the instability of our coastline and the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis we already live with every day. We need Governor Brown to preserve the moratorium until the short- and long-term impact of fracking here are more thoroughly studied and the potential for harm better understood.

The fracking of California is not a genie we will be able to put back in the bottle, once she is let out. Please join me in asking Gov. Brown and our state assembly to maintain the moratorium, while we still can.

Kim Perl

Carmel Valley