Optometry Cabana at Del Mar Highlands Town Center focuses on eye health, stylish eyewear and more

The whimsical Optometry Cabana in Del Mar Highlands Town Center is both an extensive retail eyewear boutique as well as a home to a full-service optometry clinic where Dr. Tania Stevens can evaluate and manage most ocular health conditions.

The eye-catching shop, with its beachy, striped cabana running across the ceiling, has been open for three years.

Originally from Orange County, Stevens attended UC San Diego for her bachelor’s degree before going to State University of New York College of Optometry. She had been inspired to pursue the field after volunteering for an optometrist while at UC San Diego, where she saw the optometrist help people with their binocular issues. Stevens learned what a good feeling it was to be able to provide better vision.

The majority of her career as an optometrist was spent in New York before she moved back to San Diego four years ago. In New York, she was in much more of a medical office environment with just a small retail dispensary with a few frames. With Optometry Cabana, she was able to be a bit more creative — the walls of the front part of the store are loaded with stylish frames and the back of the store serves as her medical space. Lounge chairs and a children’s play area make the space feel comfortable for customers to wait.

Optometry Cabana carries unique and specialty designer lines such as Mykita, DITA and the French line Anne et Valentin, a colorful and playful collection from France.

Other designer lines offered include Tiffany, Persol and Christian Dior, and popular brands like Barton Perreira and Ray Ban.

Stevens said lots of people like TOMS, due to its buy one, help improve lives concept, and Maui Jim is also big in San Diego “because everyone is active and sporty here,” she said.

In the back cabana is a full-service optometry clinic where Stevens does everything from pre- and post-cataract surgery care to pink eye. Stevens is a specialist in hard RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses, difficult-to-fit contact lenses that are a growing alternative to soft lenses. They also offer free adjustments and small repairs.

“We’re very family-oriented because there’s lots of families here, all children are welcome,” Stevens said.

Walk-in eye exams are always welcome, except on Sundays.

Each patient receives a comprehensive eye exam that can detect cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, conjunctivitis, ocular allergies, dry eye and many other ocular conditions.

Something Stevens has noticed in her practice is that more kids are getting computer-vision syndrome and dry eye due to the increased amount of time spent looking at technology screens. Stevens can help the issue with a relaxing lens, light computer prescription or lens coatings that can block blue light and reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain.

Right now, Optometry Cabana is offering 30 percent off a complete pair of frames and lenses without insurance and $60 off an eye exam through Jan. 31, 2016.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Stevens, call (858) 633-0772 or visit

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