Our Views: Thalheimer right choice for District 1


A very long campaign season is about to wrap up – and for those who have already voted by mail, it’s all over but the counting.

If you have yet to vote, we remind you to take the time to consider your decisions carefully. Read the literature, give each office and measure some thought, talk it over or attend a forum. Then fill in those bubbles on your ballot.

In our District 1 election, we’ve given our endorsement some more thought, talked to Phil Thalheimer and Sherri Lightner again and we stand where we did in the primary – on the side of Mr. Thalheimer.

We know Mrs. Lightner is a strong voice for many La Jollans and has worked hard during the campaign to learn about the interests of residents in Carmel Valley, Del Mar Heights and other areas of the district. But when we looked at the issues facing the city in the months and years of the next term, we believe Mr. Thalmheimer is a better choice for these challenging times.

His knowledge of the workings of the city from his years as a city employee and his experience leading a business give him a leg up on Lightner. His learning curve should be shorter and what he touts as his ability to look at the issues from more than one side should be valuable as San Diego presses forward.

If, as we hope, Mr. Thalheimer wins the race on Nov. 4, it’s important that he live up to his promise to be in the community, listening to residents and taking their concerns to heart. He would do well to mend bridges with his opponent and seek her counsel during his term.

At the same time, we urge Mrs. Lightner to show how much she cares about the city by working with him in the communities, where her experience as a volunteer and activist would be a strong asset.

In the end, both candidates and all of us want a better, healthier city. Vote your conscience and then let’s put aside our differences and work together toward that goal.