Park meeting upcoming

The Rancho Santa Fe Association will hold a meeting to discuss designs to improve the village parks at 5 p.m. on Sept. 22 at the Garden Club.

The association is looking at three possible designs for the two triangular parks located in front of the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

Alternative 1 makes the least amount of changes to the parks. The design adds sidewalks at the intersections to make it more pedestrian friendly but there are no pop-outs like the ones done last year in front of the pharmacy.

The plan calls for no additional concrete features within the park and no additional parking. More vegetation would be added.

Alternative 2 includes a realignment of the intersection of Linea del Cielo and El Tordo to route the majority of traffic eastbound onto El Tordo and would add 13 parking spaces along Avenida de Acacias.

The plan includes new crosswalks and pop-outs at all intersections, an amphitheater in the northern park and a full-scale chessboard in the southern.

The most aggressive plan, Alternative 3, would close La Gracia, the curved road in front of the inn and reclaim it for parkland; the two parks would join in the middle.

The plan includes crosswalks and pop-outs and would add nine parking spaces on El Tordo and two off-street parking lots with 28 parking spaces. An amphitheater in the northern park is also included in this alternative.

All three park plans are available for view at the association office and online at