Perfecto! by fabbri consulting offers customized condo and home management services

Donna Fabbri

By Kristina Houck

When they needed someone to welcome a repairman or oversee a contractor, neighbors looked to Donna Fabbri. As requests increased, Fabbri launched Perfecto! by fabbri consulting in 1994. The company specializes in condo and home management services.

“They entrust their place with me completely, 100 percent,” Fabbri said. “They don’t have to worry about anything. I give them peace of mind. And whatever they want, I get it done — whatever it takes.”

From delivery and maintenance supervision and coordination, to remodels and specialized personal services, Perfecto! offers a wide range of services for clients throughout San Diego County.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Fabbri launched her career roughly 40 years ago as an executive assistant to the president and CEO of Monster Cable, a consumer electronics company. Because of her extensive experience in the industry, Fabbri also supervises communication services, including the facilitation of electronic media design, upgrades and servicing.

“I make sure things are done in the proper order,” Fabbri said. “I connect different people with different vendors, contractors and designers, depending on their budget, their needs, their wants, their style and even down to their personality.”

Fabbri coordinated the four-month renovation of Phil and Jane Larsen’s downtown San Diego condo in 2008. The couple lived in Illinois at the time, and asked Fabbri to prepare their 1,600-square-foot unit for their arrival.

“We weren’t able to take care of those things, so she took care of all the arrangements, scheduled the work, supervised it, and did an excellent job,” Phil Larsen said.

Now living in Rancho Santa Fe, the couple plans to work with Fabbri again in November, when their current tenant moves out of their condo. Larsen said Fabbri is going to oversee the painting of the unit and restaining of the floors.

“We’re very satisfied with her work,” he said. “She’s honest, thorough, diligent and communicates well. I would highly recommend her.”

Fabbri said her business has primarily grown from referrals. She is now considering expanding her business because she often works with out-of-town clients in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

“I offer customized services that fit your need, so the company grew because people asked for more,” Fabbri said. “Now, I have people asking me to expand my business. That’s a possibility now. I’m excited about that.

“I like seeing my clients happy with what I’ve done. I like seeing them happy in their homes.”

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