Petitioners: Remember hard-fought freedoms we’ve fought for

By Carlos Graciano

I am sick and tired of listening to companies complain that they can’t afford postal stamps. Well, neither can I. I received two petitions from a group that called themselves Americans for Americans. The petition was to speak English only.

Have they forgot the freedom of speech and freedom of the press? I gave three years of my life to the armed forces for freedom. And now they are telling me to speak English only. They have the nerve to ask for donations. Put the blame where it belongs. You invited the green cards or Brasero, as they are known for cheap labor. You don’t need to attack the immigrants or be anti-Latino. Crack down on the real problem and that is the businessman who is hiring the cheap labor. Come to the fields and see for yourself. It’s hard work — I know, I worked in the fields myself at one time. As for giving amnesty and social security to the illegal, I don’t know all the circumstances.