Philanthropy Spotlight: Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation


Launched in 1995, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation supports community groups helping their neighborhoods grow and change. Their vision is to be part of a caring community where people are responsible for each other, all cultures are embraced, sustainable resources are in place for a vibrant economic and philanthropic life, and residents create the future they envision together.

JCNI’s work began on a 20-acre site in the southeastern area of San Diego that was considered “undevelopable.” The first half of the site to be developed was Market Creek Plaza, which was planned, designed, built, leased, and is now owned and operated by teams of more than 3,000 community residents. The work that began with Market Creek Plaza continues with a larger vision for change.

The JCNI’s latest endeavor, The Village at Market Creek, is based on the philosophy that residents must own and drive the change that takes place in their community for it to be meaningful and sustainable. All of the work is done in partnership with the residents of San Diego’s culturally diverse neighborhoods.

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