Philanthropy Spotlight: Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit grassroots group devoted to defending the world’s oceans and beaches while also enjoying them. The foundation achieves its goals through conservation, activism, studies and instruction.

Founded in 1984 by farsighted surfers in Malibu, the foundation now has more than 50,000 members and boasts 80 chapters worldwide. The membership of the foundation consists of surfers, swimmers, divers, body-boarders and beach fans from all over the world.

The San Diego chapter of the foundation features the Blue Water Task Force and Coastkeeper team, which work to help isolate the sources of contamination in the county’s 11 watersheds.

Volunteers are trained in taking samples and measuring air and water temperature, examining pH levels and dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. After collecting information, the volunteers split into groups and analyze what they have collected at specified watersheds.

The foundation also features an annual Paddle for Clean Water event, held at a number of beaches across San Diego County.

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