Philanthropy Spotlight: Volunteer San Diego


Some philanthropic organizations make a difference with financial capital. Volunteer San Diego makes its impact with people. Working with thousands of dedicated local volunteers, Volunteer San Diego steers the right volunteer resources to the right local causes at the right time, helping as many as 500 other nonprofits in a year.

The modern, streamlined nonprofit was created in 2002, born of the merger between the Volunteer Center of San Diego County, originally founded in 1969 as a division of United Way, and San Diego Cares. With a massive, searchable database, community-minded individuals can be quickly and easily connected with charitable organizations to help meet volunteer staffing needs.

With 30,000 volunteers and 108,000 hours contributed, Volunteer San Diego does an impressive job marshalling the resources of the philanthropic members of San Diego County.

In addition to connecting volunteers with programs or events, VSD also runs dedicated Disaster Response volunteer groups, employee volunteer programs and youth programs, such as Students Actively Volunteering for You program (SAVY), engaging students on various community issues.

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