Physician brings unique experience to specialty in women’s health

Dr. Timothy Bilash

By Diane Y. Welch


After a 21-year career as a locum tenens physician (a physician who substitutes for other doctors), Dr. Timothy Bilash is planting his professional roots in Solana Beach. Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, Bilash is licensed in 11 states, but now his heart belongs to Southern California.

Accustomed to change – Bilash has moved 35 times since high school – his marriage last July to Roya, a bridge engineer, brought Bilash to Del Mar and led to the practice he now has in Solana Beach.

His new office reflects his desire to specialize in women’s health and to provide a relaxing environment, less like a doctor’s office and more like a spa. Working in numerous locations from military hospitals to HMOs, Bilash has a broad range of skills and experience and, as a result, has designed his own office to be “less institutionalized,” he said.

Bilash says he’s a scientist at heart. He received his bachelor of science in physics from the University of Albany, then later completed Medical Scholars, an integrated, double-degree program, at the University of Illinois, receiving both his MD degree and MS in physics from the College of Medicine. His four-year residency in OB/GYN was completed at the Albany Medical Center in New York.

Bilash specializes in female health-related issues such as fatigue, weight concern, depression, menopause, fertility and libido. For the last decade he has been concentrating on endocrine balance. “Medicine has had a misfocus, it has tended to emphasize genetics and laboratory medicine, and the scientific information is overlooked,” he said.

Instead, Bilash concentrates on underlying mechanisms, such as physiology, pathology and the natural history of disease, using that information to make better decisions. He regards the hormone system as “the glue that ties things together.” The medical field should strive for clarity in the nature versus nurture debate, he believes, and should also look at things like the environment rather than looking solely at genetic factors.

The two endocrine areas Bilash has focused on are estrogen and thyroid. From his own research there appears to be almost an epidemic of thyroid disease, he said, a condition that he has had a lot of clinical success in treating and one that he has a passion for. He has also studied neurochemistry, and sex and adrenal steroid chemistries, as they relate to menopause, mood and health, and, as a result, he is a strong advocate for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Bilash is held in high regard by his peers, testaments show. One colleague wrote: “He is an extremely well-rounded human being of multiple interests and skills as well as a person of great medical and human insight.”

Bilash will be ready for patients in August. Until then he offers free seminars on Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. at his offices (address below). Dates and topics include: July 21: Glucose, fructose and weight gain; Aug. 4: Fatigue and thyroid; Aug. 11: Good fat/bad fat; Aug. 18: Vitamin B12: the master vitamin; Aug. 25: Why you need estrogen.

He also has a website that uses expert research and clinical information to highlight important health issues with an emphasis on nutrition, estrogen and thyroid. Visit to learn more. Dr. Bilash is located at 765 Academy Drive, Solana Beach, 92075; (858) 997-0212.