Plan for new district office being finalized


The Del Mar Union School District could have a tentative floor plan ready for its new administration home by Oct. 21.

At last week’s meeting, architect Frisco White said it might be easier to develop a floor plan of their needs rather than just tossing around square footage numbers.

Randy Wheaton, district maintenance supervisor and member of the 7/11 committee agreed with White but said he hoped to expedite this floor plan project so they could get it to the 7/11 committee as soon as possible.

Late in the meeting, the board discussed a question raised at the Sept. 23 special meeting - why they aren’t pursuing the option to purchase, lease or build a new district office.

Trustee Doug Perkins ensured the community that they are still exploring that option as well as the option of closing or reconfiguring a school.

“It’s always better to sell and obtain something of similar or like value,” Perkins said, referencing the 2007 sale of the Shores for $8.5 million. “It was never taken off the table.”

Perkins said the district was pursuing a new home for the office when the proposal came before the board to search for surplus space within the district. Once the 7/11 committee was formed to look at that surplus space, the real estate search slowed a little.

Del Mar Hills parent Beth Westberg encouraged the board to move forward in purchasing a new district office in the current commercial real estate market, saying, “You should be able to find a bargain.”

Westberg said she felt as though she was the victim of a “bait and switch” regarding the Shores property sale.

“I never would’ve supported selling the property if it meant closing one of our schools,” Westberg said.

The district has until May 15, 2011, to find a new home for the district office.