Police looking for help in attempted copper theft in Carmel Valley

By Karen Billing

Many Carmel Valley residents reported hearing helicopters circling in the High Bluff and Del Mar Heights area in the early morning hours on Thursday, Oct. 17.

According to San Diego Police Department’s Northwestern Division’s Community Relations Officer Natalie Hone, the helicopters were part of a search for a copper theft suspect who fled after a traffic stop.

Around 1:45 a.m., a Northwestern Officer attempted to stop a suspicious vehicle near 12600 High Bluff Drive. The vehicle fled and a short time after that, the driver of the vehicle ran away on foot in the area of High Bluff and Del Mar Heights.

Officers, with the assistance of ABLE, a police helicopter, searched the area for the suspect, but were unable to locate him. The suspect vehicle, left at the scene, was impounded by officers.

The next morning construction workers at 12670 High Bluff called to report $9,000 in copper material stolen from their construction site. Officers went back to the area the vehicle and suspect had fled from and discovered the stolen property flung across the ground.

Detectives are following up with the leads and anyone with information pertaining to the case is asked to call Detective Boerum at (858) 523-7000.