Police should not be ticketing parents dropping off kids curbside on El Camino Real

Since there’s no bus service to Torrey Pines High School, I — like thousands of other parents — must ferry my children to school. TPHS was designed in an age of bus service and struggles to support the daily influx of passenger cars.

[On a recent] morning there were two motorcycle cops handing out tickets to parents who drop their kids off curbside on El Camino Real. This drop-off area has been used for years and is executed in an orderly fashion and relieves traffic to the other corridors in/out of TPHS. It is quite disappointing to see police officers ticketing parents who are simply dropping kids off to attend school. They’re not running red lights or speeding. They’re not making illegal turns. There is no traffic danger and, as I mentioned, it is done in an orderly fashion.

I understand there are “no stopping signs” posted, however, the road is enormous with three lanes plus a bike lane. A safe and orderly process happens every day and I have yet to see any issues of accidents. I’ve spoken with former students and parents who talk about using this drop-off point for more than a decade with not one reported incident.

It is very disappointing to see peace officers causing commotion by ticketing citizens rather than targeting real crime issues.

I would request that school administration work with the police department to persuade them not harass people simply driving their kids to school. The curb could be marked for drop-off/pickup. Or the police could just let the system function like it has for many years at Torrey Pines.

There are real issues in the city, but parents dropping kids off is not one of them. Please come to our defense. Be our voice. Be our advocate. It takes considerable time to ferry kids to/from school each day. The process should be as quick as possible so citizens can attend to other tasks, like working to earn a living to pay for police officers and schools.

Won’t you please contact the local police department chief and facilitate a relationship that does not see parents ticketed for trying to get their kids to school on time and their own self to work on time.

Michael Robertson