Possible Solana Beach School District grade configuration changes for Carmel Valley schools

By Karen Billing

The Solana Beach School District will continue the discussion about changing the grade configurations at Solana Pacific, Carmel Creek and Solana Highlands.

“Whenever a district opens another school it’s a good idea to look and see how you’re using your assets,” said Caroline Brown, the director of technology services and new facilities.

As Solana Ranch in Pacific Highlands Ranch is set to open in fall 2014, it will draw students from the three Carmel Valley schools, leaving some unused classrooms.

The district is considering changing its Carmel Valley schools to transitional kindergarten (TK) to third grade, and fourth through sixth grade, instead of the current K-4 and 5-6 configurations. Carmel Creek and Solana Highlands would be TK-3 and Solana Pacific would be 4-6.

Brown said the board directed staff in April to talk to focus groups to gather feedback on if this is a change the district should consider making and they made a report back at the June meeting. Brown said it is the hope that the board will make a decision at its August or September meetings.

“We want to make sure we give people a chance to provide input and make sure we do our due diligence,” Brown said.

The changes in configurations, if approved, would not occur until after Solana Ranch School opens in fall 2014.