Prevent more expensive initiatives: Vote ‘No’ on Prop B

Regardless of what rules and regulations you want to govern the Community Center in Solana Beach you should vote “No” on Proposition B. The reason is really quite simple: Passage of Proposition B means that you can’t change any of the rules or regulations


another initiative. This is no way to run a city. How often we should rent the facility, how many people should be allowed at one time, how much alcohol should be permitted are all decisions that should be made by our City Council, not through the expensive process of having an initiative. If this initiative passes then anytime you want to amend the rules, you can’t simply ask the Council to make a change but instead have to go to the voters. This initiative is costing taxpayers $200,000 or about $14 per resident. What a waste of money!

I’ve lived in the City for 18 years and currently serve as the President of the Solana Beach School Board. Personally, I like some of the rules the Council enacted but think some of them are too restrictive. However, these are decisions that should be made by the Council and if people think they need to be changed then we should approach the Council.

Please vote on Feb. 11 and vote “No” on Proposition B so that we can ensure that the specific rules and regulations governing our Community Center are left to our elected Council and not the expensive initiative process.

Rich Leib

Solana Beach