Principal looking for help with ‘dangerous’ crosswalks at Solana Highlands

By Karen Billing

Solana Highlands Principal Jerry Jones visited the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board Jan. 26 seeking help with a safety issue on his campus. Jones said he encourages his community to use the crosswalks but he fears that the crossings at High Bluff Drive and Lady Hill Drive, and Long Run Drive and Candela Place, are not as safe as he would like due to visibility issues.

“When cars are coming west to turn right into the school driveway, they don’t see the kids because cars are in the way,” Jones said. “It’s pretty dangerous.”

He wants to explore the possibility of enhancing the crosswalks so they’re more visible, possibly with blinking lights like those used in the Del Mar village. Several Carmel Valley schools have faced the same issues — the problem was seen at Carmel Del Mar, situated on a sloped and curved Carmel Park Drive. The school has had a traffic engineer come out and look at the issue and has also had assistance from the police department’s Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP), having a police car near campus works to slow speeds through the school zone. Sage Canyon School uses a safety patrol that recently won an award from the police department for being the best safety patrol for the 2011-12 school year. The board encouraged Jones to contact city staff and explore the use of a safety patrol or extra assistance from the RSVP.