Project height and density compromise warranted

The Carmel Valley community is being asked to endorse a plan that is too dense for the neighborhood because the developer bought the land at the top of the market and needs to capture the economic return that they projected when they purchased the land thus the density increase request. We should not be held hostage in this manner.

Yes it would be nice to have a development like Santana Row in our area. However, Santana Row’s ingress and egress is totally different than the access to One Paseo. We do not need additional traffic lights in between High Bluff and El Camino Real. We also do not desire to see 10-story buildings along El Camino Real. The character of the area will vastly change as a result. I am not against mixed use development at that location. I am against the level of development proposed. A compromise in the height and density of the proposed project is warranted.

Sara Isgur, principal

Interlink Development Consulting