Project not in line with community and its needs

My husband and I are against the One Paseo project as it is currently proposed.

I initially sent the comment card that was enclosed with the fancy glossy brochure we received expressing my opposition and concern about traffic. I received a response back “thanking me for my support”! Was this “support” relayed to politicians and planning groups as positive support for the project? It certainly was not our intent! For the past year we have felt that Kilroy has not been honest and straight forward with the community and the decision makers who will ultimately approve the construction of this development. There has been too much propaganda from groups who have a conflict of interest, and Kilroy has not been transparent in their associations with people like MoveSD. It is too expansive a project and should held to the current 510,000 sq. ft. restriction.

Major concerns/issues:


Will be forever impacted in a horrific way. SANDAG says One Paseo could add 25 minutes to commute times among all the other issues in the EIR report.

“Walking” or “biking” for a few, but not the majority of Carmel Valley residents. Only the people living in the development or close by will be walking or biking.

We lived in San Jose and saw the Town Center transform into Santana Row, but traffic already supported a large shopping mall and has easy freeway access. One Paseo does not.

Parking - 4,000+ spaces?!


Did anyone happen to try to evacuate via Del Mar Heights Rd. during the fires or during the blackout? We did and it was a nightmare. Emergency response will be compromised. Will police and fire protection be added to support the increased population/employees?


It is hard to believe occupancy rates at the Marriott, Doubletree or Hampton Inn, which are walking distance to the proposed One Paseo, warrant another hotel.

Finally, after reading all of the letters to the Carmel Valley News, the responses can be summarized pretty easily.

The people opposed to the project have given facts and evidence as to why this project should not go forward as proposed.

The people who have written in favor of One Paseo all seem to quote from the same “talking point” memo but offer little facts and/or evidence to support their claims; “well designed”, “thought through”, “will generate thousands of jobs and boost the local economy” and my favorite from several people – will fill the need for a “Main Street gathering place.” Huh?

Please consider disapproving this project as it stands now. We are not opposed to building on this piece of property, but whatever is built there needs to be in line with the community and its needs. This proposal is not in our opinion.

Dianne Wehenkel

Carmel Valley