Prop B a threat to public safety


Wherever you live in Solana Beach, please vote “No” on Prop. B.

As physicians, we feel compelled to point out a big problem with the initiative, and that is the threat to public safety. A policy that allows large parties with unlimited alcohol every day of every weekend is


appropriate for our small community center that sits within a residential neighborhood. In fact, it is a recipe for disaster. Maybe it’ll be our child on a bike who encounters a partygoer driving away from an event, or maybe it’ll be your child who does so while walking to his friend’s house at dusk. The potential for something tragic to happen is just too great.

Other issues with this initiative affect residents on both sides of Highway 101 and both sides of I-5. These problems include — but are not limited to — unexpected financial costs, parking difficulties, legal issues and public nuisance problems for our lovely little town. The real problem is that if Prop B is voted into law, it is not modifiable without yet another expensive vote, no matter how many problems arise.

The community center should be enjoyed responsibly with minimal impact on the city’s pocketbook, the surrounding neighborhood and public safety. The policy that currently exists allows just that, and is modifiable without a vote should problems arise. Don’t believe Prop. B proponents who claim that the city council is trying to take away your ability to use the community center. There


a current policy in place that allows more modest events that are appropriately scaled to the venue. It’s truly a no-brainer.

We urge Solana Beach residents to go to the polls on Feb. 11 and vote “No” on Prop B.

Lori Taylor MD, pediatrician

Ken Taylor MD, family physician

Solana Beach