Prop B election has muddled the issues

The Prop B election is a mixture of substance and politics that has muddled the issues.

I think that we need the current, site-specific rules for the FCCC (Fletcher Cove Community Center). We need to be sure that alcohol is not linked to someone falling off that cliff. We do not want a lawsuit when the City Manger denies a usage permit. We need to understand that the old FC parking lot is gone, that the FCCC could never be built for unlimited general event usage today, and to compromise accordingly. That is what we currently have. The Prop B folks apparently disagree.

The Prop B petition forced the city council into a choice between holding a special election and accepting a poorly conceived policy that would require an election every time it had to be fixed. These were its only legal choices. The Prop B folks had alternatives that could have avoided this. They could have timed their petition so that a special election would not have been needed. They could have petitioned for an ordinary referendum on the FCCC rules instead of a proposition. What was done benefits those who want to make the council look inept, and force them out of office.

Bill Howden

Solana Beach