Prop B: Let’s move forward and see how new policy works

Prop B, the Fletcher Cove usage initiative, is now history. One side wanted to continue the City Council experiment, with its cautious set of detailed, specific restrictions. The Prop B side wanted a permanent, more open policy, relying on current regulations and the special permit process.

After the Prop B petition was submitted, the City Council decided to have a public vote. The community was closely divided and I think the CC did the right thing. It was expensive, but as one CC meeting speaker said: “Democracy is not for sale.”

Strong opinions were held, and the sparks were flying. I know first hand that old friends are now not talking and neighbors are snubbing each other. This seems unnecessary. The people have spoken, we now have a new policy, so let’s move forward and see how it works. For those who are disappointed, I am reminded of the old saying: “Things are sometimes not as good as you wanted, but they are seldom as bad as you feared.”

Bill Howden

Solana Beach