Prop B would protect our community rights

We have been residents of Solana Beach since 1958, and we have watched our community grow into a fine city. We were instrumental in supporting the reconstruction of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. We remember when it was used for private events such as weddings and other gatherings. We are disappointed that the City Council has put severe restrictions on the use of the building. It has been designed so that it can be used for indoor and outdoor events, but the council has adopted a policy that no portion of the patio and lawn area can be set aside for special events. We also feel that the requirement of a security guard and trained bartender is an unneeded expense. We hope that our children and grandchildren will have access to the building for wedding receptions and family gatherings. We also feel that not allowing a DJ or musical band to play is also not a needed restriction.

A “Yes” vote for Prop B would protect our community rights.

Monte and Janice DeGraw, Solana Beach