Prop J benefits dubious — vote ‘No’

For Del Mar residents, questionable benefits dictate “ No on Proposition J.” Property owners will be enabled to build taller and larger with more floor space for more occupants and Del Mar residents will be able to attain the ambience of a large city and/or shopping center.

A quick analysis of the benefits of Proposition J yields the canyonization of Camino Del Mar, an increase in the number of bars, restaurants, gift shops and boutiques, increased traffic congestion, parking, noise and air pollution spreading into residential neighborhoods and financial costs to the city.

A viable alternative, the Camino Del Mar Streetscape Plan, which evolved from extensive city-wide participation, is in existence and has been implemented in part. It is much closer to Del Mar’s way of doing things and is without the dubious benefits of Prop J.

Pat and John Giebink

Del Mar