Prop. J means more government and more taxes

By Dennis Mulligan

Resident, Del Mar

Proposition J is just more government and more taxes. It is an invasion of privacy, a relegation of all homes to a business district, and increased government. If anyone knows of any government program that ever attained the benefits at a cost promised, please let me know.

Unlike hotels and motels in Del Mar whose guests do use our beaches and parks, the so called VRBO temporary visitors, replace the existing owners, therefore not adding to the user count of those facilities. These short-term renters being on holiday take 80 percent of their meals out and are sure to spend a lot more dollars in town shopping than the owners would in the same time frame. Personal experience shows that in a week they may spend a beach day but the rest of the time they are on the go.

The temporary renters (30 days and less), replace property owners who normally go on a holiday or in the case of teachers, etc. get the summer off and travel. Instead of a vacant asset, these homes get occupied with consumers of local products and services.

A way to accomplish a balanced budget is not to increase government and taxes. How about expense cuts in the budget, cuts in personnel and a thorough audit of obligations like the pay, retirement and benefit entitlements that may be overly generous compared to comparably sized communities or other coastal communities — you know like most real business?

The city of Del Mar, with its decreasing population (4,500) has a budget of $4,220 per person while the city of Solana Beach, with a population of 16,000, budget is $1,375 per person. Can’t we get closer?

Proposition J is a bad idea at a bad time.

Vote no on Prop. J.