Prop J: Questions need answers

By Charlie Khoury

The Arts Fair and the long line of single lane traffic which ensued was all I needed to see. Please tell me why Proposition J would be any different and, by the way, the roundabouts would not help. I spent 20 years in New England before returning to our Del Mar house after that adventure was over. I guarantee that a roundabout with stoplights at the end of it or before it simply does not exist in “roundabout-land” (New England). New Englanders do not put up with such silliness. Such an arrangement would be as counter-productive there, as it would be here. It totally foils the idea of a roundabout, to have a stoplight at each end. The idea of a roundabout is to keep traffic moving, not moving to a stoplight in a few hundred feet.

Also, I noticed that “Yes on J” signs are on the west side of Camino del Mar and “No on J” signs are on the east side. Is that possibly because of the boodle bag of money the west side owners will make when they can build higher? I think the question answers itself.