Prop J supporters base claims on factual evidence

Opponents and supporters of Del Mar’s Proposition J have squared off at one another. The opponents continue to vilify supporters by asserting they are serving the interests of “big developers.” Not so. Like the opponents, the supporters also are your neighbors and long-term Del Mar residents. There is no “big-developer” money involved.

And opponents continue to make baseless, false claims that Prop J will increase traffic congestion, lower property values, slow emergency vehicle response and produce less revenue for the City. Not one shred of factual evidence or professional opinion has been offered to support these false claims.

All of the professional studies and the EIR prepared for Prop J demonstrate the opposite are true. Prop J will reduce congestion on Camino del Mar; increase pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety; reduce speeds; increase property values; protect public and private ocean views; improve city revenues; protect adjacent residential streets; and more. These are the facts, supported by the EIR, professional studies and Village Specific Plan policies —not mere speculation and fear-mongering.

Moreover, Prop J will not overdevelop our Village commercial area – it allows a maximum 64,790 square feet more retail and 18,420 square feet of boutique lodging among the 63 privately-owned parcels in the Village. That’s an average maximum increase of only 1,321 square feet per parcel.

The VSP also allows a limited number of small residential units in the Village to serve the needs of seniors and young people and to help stem our declining resident population.

Prop J assures that all new development will receive full DRB review. It beautifies our Village “Main Street” and makes it more pedestrian friendly. It encourages additional retail shops at the street level, and freezes the amount of office use. It does not slow emergency vehicle response times, according to Del Mar’s current Fire Marshal. And, Prop J does not impose any new taxes or fees on residents!

Opponents have declined several invitations from supporters to publicly debate these and other issues on DMTV. Why do the opponents refuse to debate the supporters?

Don’t be misled. Get the facts. Attend the public information meetings at the City Hall Annex, 6 p.m., Oct. 15 and 29. Know before you vote.

Wayne Dernetz,

Del Mar