Prop J will increase traffic problems

We are going to vote No on Proposition J. As long-term Del Mar residents, we have seen increased cut-through traffic on our side streets and alleys, especially during the business hours , with frequent speeding and failure to stop at “STOP” signs. It is hazardous to walk on the side streets as it is; with cutting the Camino Del Mar traffic down to just one way each way, the cut-through traffic will only be increased.

Also, the disruption caused by construction costs on Camino Del Mar, if this round-a-bout plan is implemented, and the extra building proposed will cause huge traffic congestion for several years.

Affordable housing is also a need in Del Mar, By what criteria, in the plan, would it be decided as to what is “affordable?” We believe this definite need for affordable housing in Del Mar might be better addressed as an individual project.

Joe and Charlie Hoar,

Del Mar