Proposed Del Mar apartment complex project too big


Re: Massive 54-unit apartment complex proposed for the north entrance of Del Mar: “The Watermark Project.”

Del Mar residents have fought over and over again to prohibit massive development on the property southeast of the Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Road intersection. There was an environmentally and community sensitive office building approved for these two lots. Now new plans! Here we go again. A 54-unit apartment complex. No thank you!

We need to let the City of Del Mar know our concerns as the city wants this project.

The City of Del Mar has gotten itself in a pickle because “The 2005 - 2012 Del Mar Housing Element was not ‘certified’ by HOC as being in compliance with State law.”

To satisfy the state requirements for low income housing the city is proceeding at full speed.

Page 86 of the 2013 - 2021 City of Del Mar Housing Element: “to accommodate the City’s RHNA for lower income units (22) within 12 months of adoption of the 2013 - 2021 Cycle Housing Element, the city will pursue a zone code amendment and associated actions to assign a new land use designation for these two properties allowing residential development at a density of 20du/ac or greater.”

We, the community, need to get involved to express our concerns in the development and over development of our community. Del Mar is not a community of high-density living. The north entrance of Del Mar already has traffic density issues at times but is peacefully quite at non fairground time.

There are alternatives for the low-income housing element. Let’s legalize those second dwelling units that already house low-income home workers, students, caregivers. The city is adopting modifications to its land use regulations to create additional incentives for the use of the second dwelling unit program.

Let’s work together and not over build our beautiful, peaceful Del Mar.

Annette Wiesel

Del Mar