Proposed Fletcher Cove Community Center restrictions a good start

In his recent letter about the proposed Community Center restrictions, Mitchell Miller represents himself as the voice of the “fun-loving” people, objecting to a proposed two-drink maximum and the exclusion of amplified music as “unnecessary, improper and silly.” Well, who says others are not “fun loving.” Maybe their idea of fun does not require more than two drinks and artificially loud music.

In reference to the restrictions on the occurrence of private events, Mr. Miller states “This means the Community Center will go unused more than half of the available time.” During those other times it could be increasingly used for public events, it does not follow that it will be unused.

He states that the City of Del Mar does not impose restrictions like these. The Del Mar Powerhouse is not next to a residential neighborhood and there is significant parking across the street from it, as well as in the surrounding commercial district.

The proposed restrictions may need some fine tuning, but they seem to be a good start at bringing the Community Center on-line, while still respecting the rights of adjacent neighbors to the peaceful enjoyment of their property.

Bill Howden