Proposed Village Specific Plan an attempt to ‘fundamentally change’ Del Mar


By Ralph Peck

Del Mar

The proposed Village Specific Plan, just released, is not an attempt to “revitalize” the Del Mar downtown by the old American way of providing logical incentives and choices.

It is an attempt to “fundamentally change” Del Mar, the new socialist way of providing no choice! And I can’t believe that a majority of the citizens of Del Mar will buy it!

I have to disclose that I have been a resident and business person in Del Mar since 1955, and I still like what I see in Del Mar!

As a resident, the new 30’ height limit on the west side of CDM (Camino del Mar) will surely take away some of the ocean view I have enjoyed since 1964, in order to give it to a new, affordable residence on a second floor above a store in the commercial zone!

As a business person, the new “park once” standards will eliminate the reserved parking “on-site” privilege, presently enjoyed, for me and my customers doing an office business in Del Mar, and shopping and eating. We would have to join the fight for parking spaces wherever we could find them — even on the neighbor’s business property!

Unlike Obamacare, please see what is in this plan before voting for it!