Proposition J is for all generations of residents — Vote Yes on J!

This is written in response to a letter to the editor by Ms. Wadia regarding Proposition J. I moved to Del Mar with my family when I was 15 years old. I attended Torrey Pines High School when it was surrounded by dirt roads and called North City West. I moved away, attended college and graduate school, married and had three daughters, and I moved back to Del Mar 11 years ago to be in the town that I love. My 74-year-old father still lives up the street from me and my parents in-law live part-time in Del Mar also. We have three generations of Del Mar residents in our house on a daily basis. We know first hand what it is like to live in Del Mar spanning multi-generations.

Our family loves the restaurants, cafes, services and shops in Del Mar. Some member of our family can be seen on a daily basis at one or more of the downtown businesses. However, we know that the south end of town near our home is in serious decay. Camino del Mar is impossible to cross safely at anytime of day, traffic is terrible due to the stop signs, there is not a continuous sidewalk, there are not any public spaces or interesting architecture (with the exception of Cafe Secret), the open storefronts have turned into tattoo parlors, and telemarketing businesses. Proposition J is not about creating a tourist/party town. Proposition J is about creating a town with renewed life for multi-generations of residents and visitors.

In answer to your question, the Grove/Coppo family of Del Mar (all eight of us with moms, dads, grandparents and kids) would like to see Proposition J/the Village Specific Plan implemented to help downtown Del Mar improve and serve the needs of the residents and visitors alike. Del Mar has a the option of continuing to decay or improve. We would like to see Del Mar step proudly into the 21st century and sustain itself as a beautiful seaside community for all generations.

Supported by Jen, Doug, Tyler, Kyra, Tyler, Lauren, Jack, Peggy Grove and Carlo Coppo