Public comment period on Solana Beach shoreline damage report to close on Feb. 26

By Claire Harlin

In response to accelerated erosion in the past 10 to 15 years, Encinitas, Solana Beach and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) have conducted a study investigating ways to reduce storm damage along the shorelines of those cities, and public comment on the lengthy


, released on Dec. 28, will be accepted through Feb. 26.

The study areas include 7,200 feet of shoreline encompassing the majority of the beach within Solana Beach, as well as an area of shoreline stretching from Neptune to H Streets in Encinitas.

USACE project manager Susie Ming said these areas are most susceptible to becoming unsafe due to storm damage, however, there have been fatal bluff collapses in recent years in places like Carlsbad and Leucadia.

Effects from damage include lack of sediment supply, loss of protective beach, notch and cave formation and beach debris, property damage and human harm caused from bluff collapse.

About half of the studied shoreline has been modified with seawalls, which, according to a USACE report, “provides piecemeal protection at varying levels.”

“Our study focuses on a more comprehensive solution over the critical study area,” the reports states, adding that the loss of beach has also severely degraded recreational value in all reaches.

Comments can be sent to Larry Smith in the USACE planning division at PO Box 532711, and Ming can be reached Solana Beach project manager Leslea Meyerhoff can be reached at The report is available