Rain in forecast by end of week

San Diego could get some much-needed rain by the end of the week, but a National Weather Service meteorologist said he doesn’t see much of a change in the warm and dry weather pattern.

A pair of “stray storms’’ will work their way south from the Gulf of Alaska and bring a 20 percent chance of rain Thursday and 40 percent possibility of precipitation on Friday, said Stan Wasowski of the NWS.

Just how much precipitation will occur in San Diego will depend on whether the first storm is able to moisten the dry atmosphere, so the second storm can drop more extensive rain, Wasowski said.

Once the storms pass, the high pressure system that’s responsible for the current weather will rebuild and block other storms from coming into the area, he said.

“This is no major shift where all of a sudden we’re going to get eight to 10 days of rainfall,’' Wasowski said.

Wasowski said he expects most of February to remain warm and dry in the region. He said he hoped for rain in March.

The good news is the approaching storms should add to the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada, the source of much of California’s water, he said. State water officials have warned that snow levels are well below normal.